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Crown Hao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300 238, referred to as the crown Hao biological) is one based regenerative medicine industry, to expand the life and health-related fields, with global high-end technology resources and results, for the Chinese market through the industries of specialization platform, ecological industrial high-tech listed companies.
With the induction of regeneration of new biological materials and product development in the field of advanced level, the highest Hao biological bear more than 20 national and local scientific and technological projects, has become the national center of research and development and industrialization demonstration base industries by the national development and reform Commission, the project of "regenerative medical implant devices national Engineering laboratory" and "regenerative biofilms high-tech industrialization demonstration project" has settled Hao biological crown.
Hao biological crown continued commitment to the field of regenerative medicine, industrial innovation and development to biomaterials and cell technology and stem cell technology system to support the two technologies, adhere to independent innovation and advanced technologies. In 1999, the establishment of natural biological materials handling technology platform and industrialization, now has more than one hundred domestic and foreign patents, there are six kinds of products have been listed in dozens of research products covering neurosurgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, burn unit, plastic beauty, gynecology and other departments. In 2013, the company continued layout cells and stem cell industry platform, who are carrying out the source of tissue engineered cartilage regeneration transplant therapy, immune cells, storage and other technical services. In 2014, the crown Hao biological cooperation with Peking University set up a "Beijing University Hao crown Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Research Institute", determined to become a world-class international stem cell research and clinical transformation platform.
Hao biological crown was willing to share business experience and newcomers, established a set of resources, and efficient, the depth and breadth of the industrial transformation platform - Guangdong crown Hao life and health science and technology park, is committed to build a professional life and health industries scientific and technological achievements in industry transformation platform, recruit, foster life and health of many areas of science and technology projects and small businesses to the park business.